Staffing Concerns Affect All Industries: What You Can do to Avoid the Challenges

Small businesses are suffering as the resurgence of COVID-19 cases dampens employee retention. National unemployment levels are recovering from initial layoffs and business shutdowns, leaving businesses frenzied to fill the gaps. The competitive nature of the employment market has driven wages up and increased incentives across the board. Although the unemployed are in a good position to leverage their options, small businesses have a few advantages when it comes to enhancing hiring processes. 

How can you increase employees’ satisfaction? Check out these new strategies to support your business needs, and at the same time address what’s important to workers:

  •  Allow for hybrid work options when possible. Creating a more flexible workplace allows employees to rejoin the workforce while managing busy home lives, remote students, or sick relatives. 
  • When does work really need to get done?  Often times if an employee completes the work, that’s what matters, not when they do it. Focusing on achieved goals and metrics is more important than butts in seats in many cases.
  • Remember how hard it was when you had kids?  Address and create supportive cultures where employees are not shamed for having to pick up their kids from school or creating a schedule that works with remote schooling.  It’s even harder now so do what you can to be empathetic while ensuring that the work gets done.
  • Add more part-time or paid intern positions. There are tons of students and post-grads that are eager for experience and financial relief. And you will have a larger talent pool to work with.
  • Consider offering more training for specialized positions. Current employees can take advantage of learning new skills to help the business and more training expands your hiring audience. Education options can be an extremely appealing benefit.
  • Streamline your hiring process. You might not have the luxury of time while decision-making since it’s an employee’s market. Consider making quicker decisions with fewer hoops to jump through, when possible.

Navigating recruiting requires creative approaches and small businesses have the upper hand at being nimble when it comes to hiring and standing out. Your ability to retain employees should not jeopardize your business. While reevaluating wages, benefits, and other incentives are all on the table, each small business deserves a unique plan to stay ahead of the curve when hiring during tough times. For assistance with a personalized approach to your hiring program, training your managers in how to handle a remote workforce, and dealing with sticky terminations, give us a call.