Need an HR Ninja to take the lead on your employment law needs?

The Mitzel Group supports companies in all areas of employment policies and practices, from creating preventative strategies to handling crises that emerge. We partner with executives, business owners, and stakeholders to create personalized HR policies and programs to help your company thrive. Our extensive experience in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, hospitality, technology and professional service firms ensures that your HR needs are covered.

By investing in and implementing strong policies and procedures to deal with employment issues now, your business will save significant resources in the future. Let us help support your business goals with our HR skills.

Need specifically tailored training and leadership development programs that address your business challenges? We do that, too.

By utilizing management coaching for senior leadership, offering training sessions that educate employees on policies, and establishing tailored development opportunities, we can help you foster a cohesive leadership team to propel your business ahead.   From Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, Management Training, to Sensitivity and Diversity Workshops, our professionals will work with individuals or with your entire workforce to provide dynamic group training exercises adapted to meet your needs.

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