San Francisco Minimum Wage Set To Rise

As Of January 1, 2012 Minimum Wage In San Francisco Will Be $10.24/hr

While San Francisco’s minimum wage is already well above both state and federal requirements set at $8.00/hr and $7.25/hr, respectively, it is set to increase again on January 1, 2012.

In 2003 San Francisco voters passed Proposition L. The passing of this proposition means that each year the minimum wage within the city limits must be raised at the same rate inflation occurs. The exact amount is based upon the previous year’s Consumer Price Index for wage earners in the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose area. This year’s change represents a 3.2 percent increase over the former $9.92/hr, and brings San Francisco’s minimum wage over $10/hr for the first time.

How Does This Affect Your Business?

If your business is located within San Francisco and currently paying any employees less than the new minimum wage of $10.24/hr you will need to increase those employees’ hourly wages. This change must take effect on  or before January 1, 2012. Failure to do so in violation of the law and may leave your business open to wage related lawsuits.

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