California Elections Code § 14000 requires employers, both public and private, to give paid time off for employees who do not have enough time outside of normal working hours to vote.  Section 14000(b) allows for up to two hours of paid time off to allow employees to vote.  Unless an employee has a prior agreement with the employer, the employee must take the time at either the beginning or end of the working shift — “whichever allows the most free time for voting and the least time off from the regular working shift.”  Cal. Elec. Code § 14000(b).


– Give employees as much time as necessary to go to the polls.

– If it is helpful, ask employees to provide notice that they will be taking time-off to vote (can require notice of at least two days before the election).

– If it is helpful, set a window of time for employees to vote during the workday.

California law also requires employers to post time-off to vote notices at least ten days before the election in a conspicuous, public place to notify employees. These notices are available in multiple languages from the California Secretary of State’s webpage.