When a client enters into a relationship with an attorney, there are expectations from all parties involved. The list below highlights a few of the client’s rights and responsibilities that align with the CA Rules of Professional Conduct.

Client’s Rights

  • Competent and diligent representation
  • Attorney can’t encourage illegal conduct
  • Attorney must avoid conflicts of interests and remain loyal
  • Client’s information must be confidential and protected from unauthorized disclosure
  • Understand the fee agreement and the scope of the work that the attorney will perform

Client’s Responsibilities

  • Pay the lawyer’s fees in accordance with the fee agreement
  • Request an explanation from the attorney if the client is dissatisfied with the work
  • Must honestly and fully explain their legal problem so the attorney can help
  • Keep the lawyer informed of current developments that may affect the case
  • Make reasonable requests for information from the attorney but don’t burden their time

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