California Mask Update

California officials have eased mask mandates across the state in response to the current COVID status and have lifted the state masking requirements in most indoor settings. This is welcomed news for many state residents while businesses will still need to tackle the decision as to whether or not to require masks indoors.

The California Department of Public Health announced that as of March 1, 2022, masks are strongly recommended but not required for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in most indoor public settings. While local counties may have stricter mask guidance, as of now, state guidance will only require masks while on public transit and in stations, terminals, airports, indoors in K-12 schools and childcare facilities, in healthcare settings, at emergency shelters, and cooling and heating centers, at state and local correctional facilities and detention centers, homeless shelters, and long-term care settings and adult senior care facilities.

Masks are strongly recommended but will no longer be required in indoor public settings such as retail, restaurants, theaters, family entertainment centers, meetings, and state and local government offices that serve the public.

As of now, proof of vaccination is still required for entry into certain indoor places like bars, restaurants, clubs, gyms, businesses, or events serving food or drinks indoors, or large indoor events. This may change in the coming weeks to align with the new mask guidance.

San Francisco, Los Angeles, and most other counties have adopted this new relaxed mask guidance and as a result, masks are no longer required in most public indoor settings except for the settings noted above.

We recommend that you don’t ditch your mask just yet because businesses may still require you to wear a mask if they choose. You may still need to mask up to purchase goods at a store, order food at a restaurant, or for when you grab your favorite cup of coffee if that business decides to maintain a mask requirement. Additionally, you’ll need to be masked up to hop into your rideshare or catch public transit.

Feel free to reach out to The Mitzel Group if you have questions about the new relaxed mask guidance and how this interacts with your local ordinance regarding masks and vaccines.