Following Donald Trump’s recent executive orders and the release of a new Form I-9 that became mandatory on January 22, employers must remain aware of their obligations to correctly complete and store their Forms I-9. To better protect your company, to ensure your workforce stays intact, and to better prepare for new federal regulations and presidential directives, we at The Mitzel Group, LLP encourage you to consider an I-9 training and internal I-9 audit with our office.

Why I-9 Training now?

On January 25, 2017, President Donald Trump issued an executive order tripling the number of immigration and customs enforcement (“ICE”) officers with potential authority to conduct I-9 audits. In addition, a draft executive order is now circulating that would require ICE officers to target certain employers as a means of immigration enforcement. These signed and draft executive orders imply that increasing number of I-9 audits are certain and imminent.

Changes to the new form I-9 and new federal regulations also present substantial pitfalls for employers. The new paper and electronic versions of the form introduce changes that can lead well-intentioned employers to commit grievous and irremediable errors. Increased civil and criminal penalties magnify the impact these errors can have to employers, potentially resulting in asset forfeiture, loss of business license, mandatory layoffs, and criminal liability, among others. Civil penalties increased in August 2016 and can now amount up to $21,000 per form I-9.

The best way to protect your business and yourself from criminal and civil liability is to review your current forms I-9 and train staff in properly completing the new form going forward. Thus, I-9 training and audit are two crucial measures that you, as an employer, can take when preparing for changes brought by the new presidential administration.

How do I schedule I-9 Training?

Please contact The Mitzel Group, LLP attorneys Lisa Liu or Amelia Lancaster by email or by calling (415) 742-4972 to schedule a training at your earliest convenience. As always, we are available to answer any questions you may have and help ensure your company is protected in the event of future immigration enforcement.