About Us

Preventative Strategies- Proactive Approach- Powerful Results

The most important element to a company’s success is building the right infrastructure to support your dream. The Mitzel Group, LLP’s proactive approach focuses on preventative strategies to produce powerful results that allow your business to thrive.

As legal experts and entrepreneurs, The Mitzel Group, LLP’s specialty is facilitating your business growth. By working with our strong, experienced, and innovative team, there is no limit to the success you can achieve.We understand the challenges and decisions companies face in both good times and bad. That’s why we aren’t just your attorney- we are your business partner, litigator, counselor, educator, risk manager, and mediator. We provide big firm expertise with boutique firm level of care and access to partners.

Our clients receive personalized risk management solutions in all aspects of their business:

  • From selecting the proper entity at your company’s outset to growing with investors and partners;
  • From hiring your first employee to hiring and transferring the best talent available worldwide;
  • From finding the office space for your start-up to ensuring your trademarks and brand are protected;
  • From ensuring your work-site is compliant with U.S. Immigration Law to assisting employees on the path from temporary to permanent residence in the United States.

Our goal is to help you protect against disputes, litigation and administrative audits by by putting the right policies, practices and people in place.  The Mitzel Group, LLP is the legal team for your future and we are here to support you along the way.